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The Daintree Teepee

Reading in "The Daintree", Lilly, 4, Taylem, 3, and Sam, 6 with Rupert.

The Daintree rainforest, in far north Queensland, exemplifies the profusion of life that inhabits such unique, exquisite and pristine wilderness. By capturing a tiny snap shot of this on our Daintree Teepee, we hope we are helping generate a greater love for the world's irreplacable natural wonders amongst our kids.

For further info about The Daintree Rainforest, visit

The Teepee is self-supporting and can be assembled in minutes (this can be managed by children). No tent pegs or ropes. To pack away, simply fold it like an umbrella.

Materials: Fabric: 100% cotton drill in many attractive colours; Australian hardwood dowel uprights, "spreaders" to give stability; velcro tabs to easily open or close door; and a bell at the top of the door (to let kids know when they have visitors!)

Height: 160cm (5'3") Base diameter: 140cm (4'7") Door width: 90cm (3') Weight: 6kg (13.2lbs)

Storage bag (optional) 180cm (6') x 11cm (4") Assembly instructions included


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